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'No vote' is a welcome sign

After all, everybody has a right to vote and not vote, isn't it? If you don't vote does that simply mean you have lost the right to blame the government also? That's big debate! It is the right of a person not to vote, but that 'no vote' from the government is a welcome sign. If at all there is a 100% voting in India, I am sure in most places the 'no vote' wins the elections with greatest majority ever in the history of Indian elections! Oh that's not a good sign but! hmm what does that mean? Should the election commission go on conducting re-elections in those 'no vote' won areas? Don't you think they will enter a loop of conducting elections again and again? When does the government form? Lot of questions! It might not mean there are not any good leaders out there, but it definitely means people have lost the trust in the election candidates. So why not let people nominate their candidates as well, keeping a limit on number of candidates t…

Life is not complicated but you are!

What is called a happy life? Happy life ought to be something which gives you happiness if you just stay the way you are! No I am not talking about being in a stagnant position throughout your life...but also not adding too much pressure to the natural living to reach the mindless goals, schedules, deadlines, running running and running!!! The grandmother lives were simple...clean, cook, eat, work, sleep...and the work is such that, that you fulfill the responsibilities satisfactorily. Fulfilling responsibilities doesn't only mean doing your job well that is required for a livelihood and making money, but also as a responsible family member. And that responsible family member work was never tiring, they are not complaining about it even after they reached the granny stage! But I can see people now are segregated into three streams 1. you are a workaholic for trying to meet your deadline on professional front/making money/chase your dreams. Chasing your dreams is what every person …