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adaptability is a great virtue

I cannot tell my dad to use only enough water while shaving, I cannot tell my father-in-law to be cognizant about vote bank politics, I cannot tell myself to rinse and get the milk/curd packets dried before throwing them in the bin...oh but I can say anything to my kid, for now! So the point is it's not that my father or father-in-law or some elderly person (which also includes me!) are unaware of what they are doing but some things just cannot change! U bet! I'm sure all of us would have seen a bit of it in all of us. What do you think would have been a proper way for us to change? Get most of the things right at the right age. That's why I said that I can try teaching anything to my kid. When I was a kid there was no such thing as garbage segregation as people never felt the need to do it. Now there is so much hue and cry about the dispose of garbage, of course it has to be, as we reached the verge of unthinkable unimaginable diseases people are contracting these days. …