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Call it KISS lessons

Of all the lessons life teaches you, the ones that are learnt by raising and growing up with a kid are so impressive. They teach us how to be patient, give space to others, demand what you want and yet not to hurt others deliberately. So simple, yet so focused! You call it simple because as a kid you eat only when you are hungry and sleep when you have to. You don’t plan all the simple things in life, just take it as it comes your way. Forgetting is another great example! Kids don’t remember when mommy/daddy shouts at them for all the silly day-to-day stuff! They either forgive or forget or do both. They just teach you – just relax and move on in life, don’t waste the time on unnecessary grudges! Hope everybody has a smooth uninhabited transition to be a kid whenever they need to be one! KISS – keep it simple silly!

Freedom & Crackers!

Childhood was so simple. There were fewer doubts, less worries and more joy with so little. Ignorance is bliss. Becoming older has just brought more questions about everything. It’s good to question everything instead of believing it blindly. But at the same time it just keeps you away from the joy. Lighting crackers was a joy as a kid irrespective of the quantity and quality of crackers. But the questions like – why should we light crackers if it’s polluting the environment? What happens if no crackers are fired? – might make you more responsible human towards the environment but a dull, less contended person at heart as you end up not having a full fledged celebration. It would have been great if your joy was not bound by external factors like environment and crackers. Freedom from everything is what one requires!


what makes the quality, forgiving so special ? It's the art which many ppl might not know including me. But once you start doing it, for right reasons ofcourse, it gives you a sense of completeness and accomplishment of doing something good. I know it is very hard to break down all those barriers preventing you to forgive someone. First of all, the thought of forgiving someone comes only when that person is so close to your heart. That person should be someone before whom you would not hesitate to bend your head down. Self respect is a great virtue which everyone should possess. But one should not have obsession of the same. With such kind of obsession,  you tend to never forgive the one you love. Even if you tend to forgive, that is only within you and you will not be able to convey the same to your loved one. Friend, make up your mind before that someone looses the value of you in their inner self.

Travelogue - Miami

Miami, uff vot a trip!!! the beach feeling is still in there....I was browisng thru so many sites to find all the required info regd miami, when I thought that I should also contribute some once am back from the trip, hence the blog here:)...we booked for a flight with break journey, luckily the airlines converted into a direct flight for some reason, am glad they did it! We started off on a friday morning and took the 7am flight from boston to miami...reached miami by was warm n welcoming there after all the winter chill near boston. But the miami airport is so biiiig, we had to walk a loooong distance find some exit n get out!....It's better to book a rental car in advance, so that they will send a shuttle to airport. There are rental car agencies at the airport too, but lill high on the price. We booked the car through 'Advantage' rental cars, for which we took their shuttle from airport to their office, which is abt 5 mins drive. Finished the formalities …


It’s just so surprising to know that Mother is the most neglected person in our daily lives. Not that we don’t love her and all that but just that we take her for granted for most of the things. And I realized this only after becoming a mother, even so surprising! She works through day and night throughout her life without complaints or regrets! It’s just the unconditional love she’s got for the family which never dies. I know this is so sentimental but that’s the truth