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Work in progress

Recently I have learned the definition of philosophy - working out the best way to think about things. And I could really relate to it when I am trying to work on myself. When was the last time you worked on yourself? By assessing yourself whether you are treating the things or others with all the respect that they deserve, neither less nor exaggerating it. Nobody can be perfect, but that should not stop us from becoming a better individual. We do this questioning very rarely because may be we were afraid that we might have to move a bit from our comfort zones. These zones are so big and so deep and so tall that we think that there is no way we can ever come out of it. This thought makes us think - why give a try if it's not going to happen ever? But in reality we are not at a luxury that we can actually postpone or ignore this if it's really something that disturbs the natural way of treating anything. Whenever I try to work upon myself, if I'm at the giving end, then tr…

What a child really needs?

I feel that I am a kid all over again. No, not physically, but the kind of learning which has just started for me now! It's not about any subjects of the school years but the real process and approach of learning anything, which had started during my childhood and stopped abruptly, don't know when? Might be during my last years at school? As that was the stage when we really started thinking about future and it had no clarity, till date! Having no clarity also is bit ok but one should never loose the enthusiasm in knowing little things in the process of getting clarity. But the scary part is that this kind of unwarranted-no clarity-no enthusiasm state has actually started happening from the baby stage these days. Just imagine how vulnerable they can turn out to be if they are raised in that state? Hard to even imagine! That is what made me thinking. Being a mom, agree that every mom wants to give her best to her kids, but understanding what is best for kids in current world i…