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Two fathers...unlimited love!

To the two most amazing fathers I have known so far!

To the father who thinks beyond money
who thinks daughters are no less to sons
who thinks the best thing he could give his daughters is their education
who never thinks that cooking is only a woman's job and still cooks at home
who prepares much loved home-made pickle for her daughter instead of getting the store brought one
who doesn't care what others think when he is doing the right thing
who defied the societal rules and went out of his way just to give a beautiful life to his daughter in her rightful way!
Happy Father's Day dear Dad!

To the father who delivered his baby with the same (or may be more!) grit, passion and pain as his wife, excepting the physical pain and scars!
who takes care of his kid also like a mother
who never shows patriarchy
who is never tired and always plays along with his child, almost like a sibling
who never minded changing diapers, cleaning bum or giving bath to his baby
who gives the bes…

Are you in love?

Love knows no boundaries, love is unconditional, love has no rules and love is blind! Ah, so true and so false! To love and to be loved is such an amazingly special feeling that I wish everyone to go through in their lives. But don't be bogged down by unnecessary expectations and mindless imagination! When you start picturing yourself this way, let me tell you my friend, it is only going to make you taste the sourness of the relationship.

The initial days of any relationship is only colorful and sweet and awesome and wonderful and all the other ear-soothing adjectives! It is hard and you would not be willing to think beyond rationales at this stage, even though the relationship demands otherwise impossible things. By the time you realize the loop you are in, you will be labelled as the head strong arrogant person who could not have a softer heart to say yes for those unreasonable things which slowly start making sense to you.

The rhymes that my kid listens to are ringing in my he…