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Pure is not so sure but customization definitely is

If at all there is some free time, where is it all going for a full time mom? Most of it goes on internet and online shopping these days! There are 100 websites, 200 brands, 300 products, 400 likes, 500 comments, 600 reviews, 700 discounts, 800 free home deliveries.......please somebody stop it, am I really getting any help here? May be, may be not! No kitchen is complete without salt and this poor human being just wanted to buy some salt, spare me :( !! Yes this is no exaggeration dear ones, I just wanted to buy some salt along with other things during my online grocery shopping, on a sleepy tired day! and I ended up reading articles again! Again, but this time on which salt to buy! please do not LOL now! Pity me! And pity you! Because that salt gyan is actually required, to me and to all of you. I just got to know that salt is a mineral after all and first of all and not a spice! something that we use only to satisfy the taste buds actually is a mineral and not a mere seasoning. Now…