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Life is not complicated but you are!

What is called a happy life? Happy life ought to be something which gives you happiness if you just stay the way you are! No I am not talking about being in a stagnant position throughout your life...but also not adding too much pressure to the natural living to reach the mindless goals, schedules, deadlines, running running and running!!! The grandmother lives were simple...clean, cook, eat, work, sleep...and the work is such that, that you fulfill the responsibilities satisfactorily. Fulfilling responsibilities doesn't only mean doing your job well that is required for a livelihood and making money, but also as a responsible family member. And that responsible family member work was never tiring, they are not complaining about it even after they reached the granny stage! But I can see people now are segregated into three streams 1. you are a workaholic for trying to meet your deadline on professional front/making money/chase your dreams. Chasing your dreams is what every person should do - but you should have some clarity on the size/time/effort etc on the goal and have some sensitivity towards the people, without whom your dream chasing will only remain like the day-dreams! Have some gratitude, show some care, respect their presence, be cognizant on their efforts with which you are able to do what you wanted and not bother about other so-called cleaning at home that you don't participate, as you thought they are silly tiny things in life! One can not be this foolish all their lives not to sense the value of other family members with whose help you are leading a luxurious- no qualms life! And make them feel like they are not doing anything worth and that they have to use some extra help to do the silly tiny things, so that you can concentrate on something big like what you are doing! Does that make any sense? You have already given the maximum of your life by being a workaholic and asking the others to follow your footsteps? One has to follow and chase their dreams without which the life will remain meaningless. But at the same time one should try to live a happy life. If you believe that your happiness lies in spending time with your loved ones, there is no better way to start doing the silly tiny things together in life for at least some minimum time daily, which I call living together! But one thing is for sure, no one can not go blind without appreciating the kind of cast they spell on indirectly teaching people how important it is to be doing something which is amazing and fool-proof! That's a real hard quality to achieve 2. Now the second category is someone who always try to escape work, be it profession or personal! These people have so much fear in them that they are incapable of delivering anything that has some quality! May be the first category is lot better than the second one as you have at least some professional satisfaction in the former case. Working hard to achieve something will only make them a better person. Remember, no shortcuts to success! 3. You are so much buried into the family responsibilities that at sometime you don't even realize that there is nothing like 'you' left anymore! It is always about someone else, like about the spouse, kids, parents, siblings etc. Not so good for you I say! In olden days when they say wife should be at home, do the house chores and look after kids while the husband is out, earning for their livelihood. It just meant sharing the responsibilities of running a family. Not any more, as the wife is also a human who has the right to have some dreams and achieve them! There is no head and fast rule that husband should not do the chores. So ironically, living together should have a better meaning and more fun now, if at all we implement it! If you just stick to some kind of mechanical work, down the lane, it would be too late to do anything that you wanted to think/do about once upon a time! The feeling of being worthless is inexplicable! Try to create your own castle that demands respect from each and everyone. Earn a lot, lot in the sense that, that lot should define what you are capable of, which will define your value in the society. And earning can be anything, could be mostly money, but for some it could be earning smiles, miles and anything else that a person loves to achieve for himself!

People are educated, knowledgeable, capable etc etc but still they fail to live a happy life. Why the rush? why the haste? why the negligence? why the mindless schedules? Cant we go back to clean-cook-eat-work-sleep mode? Why it's becoming eat-sleep, eat-work-sleep, sleep-sleep, work-sleep kind of modes, which eventually remove the meaning of living life! Don't you think living life means working for livelihood-working for dreams-working with loved ones makes it a wholesome one? If you keep postponing things then when is the good time to start? To start an uncomplicated simple, happy life - when is it going to happen? I'm not feeling comfortable, rather feeling ashamed to say - I really do not have an answer for that healthy start - do you have one?

P.S.: I don't mind if you call me a feminist :)


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