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Are you in love?

Love knows no boundaries, love is unconditional, love has no rules and love is blind! Ah, so true and so false! To love and to be loved is such an amazingly special feeling that I wish everyone to go through in their lives. But don't be bogged down by unnecessary expectations and mindless imagination! When you start picturing yourself this way, let me tell you my friend, it is only going to make you taste the sourness of the relationship.

The initial days of any relationship is only colorful and sweet and awesome and wonderful and all the other ear-soothing adjectives! It is hard and you would not be willing to think beyond rationales at this stage, even though the relationship demands otherwise impossible things. By the time you realize the loop you are in, you will be labelled as the head strong arrogant person who could not have a softer heart to say yes for those unreasonable things which slowly start making sense to you.

The rhymes that my kid listens to are ringing in my head now - "Are you sleeping? are you sleeping? brother john, brother john...morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing...ding dong ding, ding dong ding!" how true it is even in the context of a relationship! It need not be love between a couple, but love in general in all your relationships and also loving one's own self. The following simple stuff will help you to be better in relationships and in life, if you are a free-spirited individual!

To love is just not about having no personal time
To love need not always be a logical equation
To love is not about suppressing feelings
To love is not about take whatever blindly
To love is not just making only other person's life beautiful
To love is to be yourself
To love is to have self-respect
To love is the ability to say no
To love is to be responsible for yourself
To love is to voice your opinions without hesitation
To love need not always be blind, let there be some light, let there be some vision
To love is not just about sacrifice
To love is to make yourself feel the worth of self
To love is to let your loved one make their own rules about life
To love is to mostly step together and not always leading/following the way
To love is to recognize the importance of all kinds of relationships
To love is to say sorry and thank you when you genuinely feel the need for it
To love is not to hesitate to say no
To love is to have the courage to speak it out
To love is to enjoy the partnership of equals
To love is not just give but do take
To love is to feel that it is ok to agree to disagree
To love is to let your loved one feel the similar way
To love is to strike a balance, be analog, find a middle tone, be in/dependent->semi-dependent

Have you heard  that too much of anything is actually harmful in the long run? If you are thinking that I am asking you to love with rules or not to love then you got me wrong! All I wanted to tell is - unless you are a monk, it is a happy human need to love self and to spread the love to someone else and get it back to you in an amicable manner. Any high pitches or having too much elasticity in this loop might only lead to pain in the neck in the long run, take your call today!
As they say - "If it is not madness, it is not love" - but let the madness strike the right chords of frequency in all of us!

P.S.: Do you think I need a time out?!! :P


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