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My precious possession!

Right now our (me and the hubby) world revolves around this little man, who is busy himself and keeps us on our toes as well! Darling kiddo is 3.8 years now and is the most happening thing at home. Here's presenting a little peek into his illustrious life :)

He managed to dug out a chocolate lying somewhere in the fridge and was asking me to open it for him. I said - you can have it tomorrow morning in the car when we will go on a ride to your grandma's place. He just listened to me and went on to do something still holding the chocolate in his tiny hand. I was smiling to myself that I handled the situation smartly by not saying no directly, to which he would throw a tantrum otherwise! After a while he was asking me to open the balcony door to throw the chocolate wrapper in the bin. I was not pleased that he finished the chocolate and asked him why did he eat it? He said - Mumma I already ate it while going to grandma's place in the car tomorrow!!!! #AajKalKeBacche!

The days are always longer than nights, irrespective of the season when you have a toddler at home. Somehow toddlers are (mostly) not that hungry, always busy and active and not that sleepy when you just want to curl up and sleep at the end of a chaotic day! On that same day they just cannot sleep soon! Murphy's law I guess! On one of those nights when I ask him to lie down and sleep, he keeps yapping and after a while he gets up and says - I will do su-su, ask daddy for drinking water and come. I don't have a choice but to say ok otherwise he climbs on top of me and keeps repeating the same thing till I say ok, so better to give in at first instance! So he walks to the bedroom door, opens it half, turns back and says- I will come in 2 minutes. He finishes the activities, comes back and by then I am half way through sleep when he climbs on top of me bringing me back to first step. Now the second round of yapping for a while and he gets up and says - I will do su-su, ask daddy for drinking water and come!! He walks to the door, turns back and says - I will come in 2 minutes!!!! And this cycle happens till when I hate keeping a count. The cycles of drinking water and doing su-su are never ending during sleep time on some days!! #AajKalKeBacche!

So now he started recognizing vegetable names looking at the sabzi/curry. I was so surprised that he was able to figure out so many things by looking at the end product. So I made a surprise gesture with  a big grin saying - oh, how do you know??!! After few days of this episode we went to our in-laws place, it's a town called kadapa. Now when he met an older kid of a relative, and we were asking my son to introduce himself and ask the boy about his place. So he said - Hi I'm Suvan, What is your native? Kadapa, oh, how do you know?? heheee - all this uninterrupted without giving a chance to that boy, who didn't know what to say as my child was asking the question and also saying his own answer, followed by - 'oh, how do you know?' in that mocking tone of his Mumma and goes laughing! #AajKalKeBacche!

Bringing him back from school was never easy! He always wants to spend time outdoors and finds all the reasons for not coming home and to stay out. I discussed the same with his school teacher and so once she called him and said - it is time to go home, see your tummy is very hungry now, time to eat lunch ok? He nodded his head like a good boy, held my hand and walked home without much struggle that day. Needless to say I was on top of the world! Next day when I went to pick him up, as soon as he saw me, he turned back to his teacher and said - I'm not hungry today! and was smiling and started running here and there - back to square one! #AajKalKeBacche!

Once when I told him that I hurt my knee while opening the bathroom door, he quickly said - that's why you need to be careful and walk slowly!! Will you be more careful from next time? oh god, when did he become my grandpa, hahaa!! #AajKalKeBacche!

And when I say that my legs are aching after lying down to sleep, he would say - I will press your legs Mumma! and he manages to do so with his tiny little hands. The pain might not go away but his offer to press is what makes me sleep tight! #AajKalKeBacche!

And yes he manages to sit for one hour long when I am participating in much-required-can't-miss workout-dance class. I cannot appreciate him enough, for I know it's difficult for kids at this age to have such patience and I feel so proud about it.

He is naughty yet adorable
unmanageable yet cute
mischievous yet little bear!

I always wonder what is it about kids that makes us feel they are the sweetest angels when they are sleeping!
I always wonder how does my kid get away with it even though I think I have disciplined him enough?
I always wonder what life was before he was born?
#AajKalKeBacche are not only smart but teach their parents how to be patient, compassionate, innovative, disciplined among other essential things which are rarely found in this rapid phase of digital life now-a-days!

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