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Why Wait For That Profound Moment?

What is your idea of a profound moment? Is it that moment, when something happens out of your control and yet leaves a great impact? Is it when you get your first pay cheque or get married or give birth to your baby? Why should we even look forward to one such moment?

Profound moments are important in a way. Especially, when such a moment helps you to become a better individual, where you make choices with good intentions and better clarity. However if we leave them to circumstances, that we think should happen according to our expectations or societal norms, we might end up waiting too longer. Even worse, we end up being less content as the outcomes are seldom in our control!

During my early school days, there was no television at our home. I used to go to my neighbor's place to watch TV once a week, and to be precise, it was to watch Mahabharata. My dad had all the time for me on weekends when he used to sit in one position for me, so I can play hair stylist and experiment with his hair for hours. And then, I remember skipping rope being an entertainment for hours together in that humid weather, yet there were only moments of joy rather than complaints. I was 4 when we shifted to our own house, and I remember that our house was almost empty. There was a lot of ventilation, fresh  air and open space. The only "THING" I remember is a tiny chair that is made of cane which my aunt has gifted it to me! There were hardly any houses in the neighborhood, yet I had neither inhibition nor fear in waiting near the house gate after my school hours, till my parents came back from work. My grandma used to feed me with a spicy pickle, rice and ghee when I would come back from school as an evening snack, much to today's idea of nutrition! In spite of all these events being far from today's lifestyle with numerous choices in almost everything, I find them to be more joyous, loving, peaceful, leisure and more importantly, SLOW!

Often we wait for that moment that has a profound impact on the way we live or make choices. However, the most profound moments happen when we pause and reflect. But where is the time? They say that we should move ahead with time, adapt to current ways of living and embrace the change! Sometimes I feel we are rather not built to quickly get along with every form of change out there. May be we are built to embrace that form of change that makes us appreciate living with each passing day. But there is no time to live! Today's world is moving more rapidly towards how to pass the time rather than how to live the same! It feels as if media indeed has taken over our lives. It is a boon for those who could find an identity with the help of media. Media indeed helps those who are in the bubble for longer and helps them shatter those boundaries and be heard! But what next? Sometimes I wonder if media is the right channel to harness our talents and there by our identities? Are we missing the big picture? Has living got nothing to do with harnessing the sleeping identity?

Old is gold they say. I agree and we know it for a fact when we look back at our own olden days. Media might look like it is ruling us, but are we ready to make criticism take over too? The funny jokes about how instant messages are ruining the moments are read in an instant messaging app in those same moments! SLOW is perceived as an almost imaginary characteristic that seldom exists. The ability to think has taken a back seat and we laugh at our own jokes. Feeling light and having a sense of humor is of course the need of the hour, but have we thought about the source of such humor? I hear the senior citizens' hearty laughs roaring through the morning sun rays in our apartment complex. Ever wondered why the youth or the middle aged individuals are not seen in such groups? A smile can cure anything they say, but we are busy with media, talking of which has a new name developed called, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). FOMO and being SLOW look like polar opposites, isn't it? In such a scenario, is it even possible to have a faintest moment with some substance, if not profound?

As always, the basic purpose is to acheive balance. We can neither abandon technology nor embrace it so much so that we suffer from FOMO day in and day out. Speeding up with time is only making us criticise the way we function. Slowing down is questioning us if it is even practical to think so. Rather than dismissing technology as inhuman, may be we should start appreciating on how it is helping us to reach out to all those in need. Rather than waiting for profound moments to happen, let us just feel the train of thoughts pass by and observe them from a platform. If only we use media as a tool for making life easier and just sit on a park bench for even 10 minutes, only to observe the surroundings, there is an immense scope for profound moments.

I had many such moments when I let everything slip out of my mind and simply observe the surroundings. Or for that matter observe your child cooing away in joy while his hands are full of clay, with different creatures being born out of his hands. Or how the waves wash away the shore and yet end up going only back to the sea. Or how relentlessly the street vendor keeps standing, cooking and serving many hungry souls, which helps her in keeping food on her family table. Or how selflessly your house help gets you her village's local special food, in spite of her everyday struggles to strengthen her finances. There are profound moments everywhere. All we need to do is, not occupy ourselves every single minute we get and practice some time to not be engaged in some activity as soon as we find few free minutes! I heard a wonderful TED talk a few days back and I could not agree more. It goes like this - "When you feel the need to speed up, slow down!" This goes to that extent when we should stop hitting on the music player or browse that unnecessary topic which you need only in distant future. Many things we do not actually do because there is a need, but rather because we need to pass the time. Pass the time, somehow! If we can shatter this bubble then we are sure to connect with self, and there by others with empathy and profound moments will become your best friend that help you lead a more meaningful life.


Jaithri said…
I like this topic you have well versed expressed about your child hood days.what
You said here is really true.we are passing the time, not utilising it appropriately.

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